C*A*S*H Bootcamp

All You Need to Know to Confidently Buy a Franchise Business.

Learn how to turn your passion, skills, & expertise into a rewarding business...

...using the C*A*S*H blueprint I developed to launch and grow my franchise business from nothing to almost a million dollars in sales each year—even though I had zero experience owning my own business when I started.


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What You'll Learn in This Bootcamp

Your Strengths and Motivators

Using world-recognized self-assessment tools,
you'll identify your core competencies and what motivates you.

Then we'll use that information to narrow down franchises that fit in your wheelhouse.

  • In person or online
  • New or established
  • Industry served
  • Service or product
  • Business-to-Business
    Business-to- Consumer
  • Investment required

Scary Pitfalls
to Avoid

  • Undercapitalized franchisor may go out of business and take you with them. 
  • A trail of failed franchisees suggests a lack of support, education or poor-performing product/service. 
  • Pending lawsuits against franchisor will have a "halo" effect on your business.
  • Exposure to bankruptcy due to wrong insurance coverage.
  • What is your exit strategy?
  • Does the franchisor have a favorable resale record?

In's and Out's to Seek Funding Like an Expert

You'll  create the business documents you'll need to  present to potential funding sources.

  • How much cash you need start your business
  • Create a net worth statement
  • Create a business plan
  • Types of funding available to you 
  • How to build a banking business relationship

All the Info You Need to Fearlessly Approach a Franchisor

Just because you can afford a particular franchise doesn't mean they'll sell
you one. Put the odds in your favor by learning how to: 

  • Pre-qualify yourself before you apply
  • Nail the phone interview
  • Ace the in-person meeting aka “Discovery Day” 
  • Determine if it's a cultural fit 
  • Discover how to evaluate them / the Franchisor

Are you ready to create your dream business?

This is the first step to getting started.


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Stacey Marmolejo featured in Authority Magazine

Meet Stacey

Stacey Marmolejo is the creator of Franchise Prep Academy,  an unbiased coaching service in which people learn all they need to know to buy a franchise business in the U.S.

After 25 years of climbing a corporate ladder, Stacey gave up a prestigious Senior Vice President position in a national media company to purchase three School of Rock franchises. 16 years later she successfully sold her franchise business and now dedicates her time to helping others who want to pursue a similar path to career success and lifelong happiness. 

Franchise Prep Academy's (FPA) mission is to arm active duty military, vets and spouses with the knowledge necessary to start a business that brings satisfaction and fulfillment. 

FPA guides new entrepreneurs through self-awareness to align motivation and skills with opportunities as well as the steps necessary to identify and purchase their first franchise.

We kick off with a 4-week bootcamp where you'll hear from franchisors, franchisees, loan/funding experts and more. Each week we'll have a special guest that specializes in the topic of the week, with plenty of time at the end for Q & A.

Once you select and purchase your franchise, it's up to you if you'd like to go it alone or have me along for the ride. I'll coach you throughout your first year in business, with a focus on profit. Remember, the Franchisor's responsibility is to teach you to generate revenue.)

Franchise Prep Academy Founder/CEO Stacey Marmolejo
Stacey Marmolejo Founder Franchise Prep Academy


We've got A's for your Q's

Why should I take THIS bootcamp?

This is the only course about franchising that

  • is taught by someone who is NOT selling franchises. Therefore you will get unbiased and agnostic information about the pros and cons of the franchise business model and different franchise opportunities.
  • saves you hundreds of hours of research on various franchises.
  • provides you with leading assessment tools to identify your motivation and core competencies in order to match a franchise that will bring you happiness in your career.
  • walks you through building your net worth statement.
  • provides a database of 679 franchises across 18 industries to consider.  

How do I sign up to participate?

We're thrilled you're interested in participating. Register here to receive notification when the next bootcamp is open for enrollment.

Is my enrollment refundable?

Because you cannot return the knowledge you'll gain in this bootcamp, participation is non-refundable. Please be certain you want to learn about owning a franchise before registering.

What will I learn in this bootcamp?

By the end of this course, you will know

  • how to assess a franchise offering,
  • where to find financing and
  • how to negotiate like a pro so that you can launch the business of your dreams.

When is the bootcamp?

We host a bootcamp each month where we meet three times a week for four weeks. Two classes are 90 minutes and one class is 60 minutes.

How is the bootcamp structured?

Your coach will cover a specific topic each week relative to buying a franchise. The second class is an open Q & A with the Stacey, the founder of Franchise Prep Academy and in the third weekly class you'll hear from a guest speaker, with time at the end for Q & A.

Guest speakers include:

  • Current franchisee
  • Franchise rep
  • Relationship expert (to help you know how to talk with your partner about starting your own business)
  • Banker
  • Funding expert
  • Franchise broker


"I asked God to guide me and send me an angel and he answered my prayer. I need you... I was in an ocean and now I feel like there are a few rivers I can conquer."

- Karima (Dallas, TX)

Steve Schiffman

"Stacey is a perfect example of an entrepreneur. She is innovative, savvy, intelligent with a tremendous will to succeed."

- Steve (Minneapolis, MN)

Franchise expert

"Taking the Franchise Prep Academy course is a small investment of time and money to decide if franchising is the right career path or investment for you."

- Teri (Chicago, IL)